Increase productivity

Management of the farm by the factors and environment of each unit makes the FCR low.

About Us

CHIKCHIC's goal is to increase the quality of chicken farming in developing countries. We strive to use state-of-the-art technology to improve the farmers' chicken production process by being accessible, affordable and adaptable to every farm in order to increase the knowledge of the ability to raise chickens.



It is everything for chicken farmers to manage their costs and productivity right away, to help increasing their chances of getting more profit.

It can also be used together with SMARTCHIK to control the equipment inside the unit anytime and anywhere.


Turn ordinary farms into smart farms. The farmers can control the equipment inside the unit, turn on and off to check the status of the device anywhere and anytime without needing to stay at the farm anymore.


Complete range of service


Easy to use

Understand the farmers

Improving Livestock Industry in developing countries